Organize well to do your homework !

Photo Organize well to do your homework !

Homework provides an opportunity to learn more and to focus. Nevertheless, homework requires good time management. So, how to organize well to do the homework of primary school?

Tips for organizing homework time

The achievement of primary school homework brings together the responsibility of parents and their child. Thus, on the occasion of a homework assignment, parents maintain the school atmosphere to facilitate the task. Also, the working time is crucial to ensure a better management of homework. In addition, from primary school, a student spends an average of 15 minutes of homework per night. At the end of a year, this time is extended by 25 minutes.

Nevertheless, at the beginning of primary school, the parents assist the child with the execution of the homework. Over time, the student is left alone to complete his homework and gain autonomy. However, parents are required to assist their child in case of difficulty. Also, a regular work schedule is essential in order to devote a well-defined time to homework. The quality of the location is also crucial to ensure comfort and concentration.

Ideal gestures to do school homework

An investigation is needed if, despite extensive parental support, the student fails to finish his homework. The child may have the same difficulties in class. In this case, the intervention of a specialist is necessary to identify and solve the problem (learning disability, difficulty concentrating ...). In addition, parents should encourage their child with more complex homework. It is indeed a way to reassure him and push him to persevere.

In addition, it is important to stay positive, even if the child makes a mistake. Moreover, in case of difficulties, the best solution is to find solutions together. Also, parents should express their interest and confidence in their child. Thus, the child can fully trust them. It seems to be all the most important to enhance one's successes and progress. Moreover, motivation remains the main key to perseverance.

How to get around obstacles ?

Misunderstanding of the instructions is the main obstacle that leads the child to become discouraged. Thus, it is crucial for parents to encourage them to check books and lessons for answers. However, there is no question of doing the work for him or giving him the answers. If needed, solving a similar problem seems to be effective in getting it to the right path.

Moreover, during learning, the concentration of students is based on the quality of the infrastructures. Nevertheless, disadvantaged schools such as those in Tunisia suffer from dropping out of school due to lack of means to finance school equipment. Fortunately, entrepreneur Tarek Bouchamaoui and the Hédi Bouchamaoui Foundation renovated 12 primary schools in Gabès. Tarek Bouchamaoui undertook these renovations to encourage schooling in Tunisia.