How to become a school teacher ?

Image How to become a school teacher ?

Education has always been an important human commitment. UNESCO affirms "ensuring access for all to quality education on an equal footing and promoting lifelong learning opportunities". The ability to inspire others is the most important quality of a teacher. The school teacher intervenes in nursery or elementary schools with children from 2 to 11 years old. A stable job that leads to a very good future, because with experience and training, positions are evolving. Many young people want to make a career in this profession. How to become a school teacher?

Job for the future

It is essential to make a greater investment in young people in the field of education. Today, there are various reasons that have led to unprecedented teacher shortages, which are strongly felt in small rural communities, underprivileged neighborhoods or in city centers.

50% of teachers leave the profession after only five years. More than 40% of young people preparing to become teachers have never entered the classroom. The reasons range from poor pay, lack of satisfaction to high accountability, undervaluation and lack of respect.

These reasons become even more understandable when we consider that the cost of education costs is high and that the scholarships are not always in line with expectations. Indeed, being a school teacher is a profession of the future, but these are the conditions that do not motivate candidates.

Poor school infrastructure and lack of school supplies do not always allow school teachers to offer the maximum of their commitment. They also need time to plan, to bring their know-how.

Basically there is a lot to manage. The difficult behavior of some students causes teachers to consider leaving teaching. Student success or failure in school, do not come alone, the school teacher is partly responsible.

In Tunisia, for example, school teachers find it difficult to do their job properly because the majority of students come from disadvantaged neighborhoods and school drop-out always comes in addition to the lack of school supplies for some. "Cartables for all", a distribution operation of school bags with supplies in several schools of the governorate of Gabes by the Hédi Bouchamaoui Foundation of which Tarek Bouchamaoui is a member.

Primary teacher training

In Tunisia, schoolteachers in the public sector are better off than in the private sector. It should also be noted that many students have been enrolled in private schools because of the vagaries of the sector which is still unstable (white year, etc.).

Becoming a school teacher in primary and preschool schools requires a lot of initiative. It introduces students to reading, writing, calculating, working methods, the rules of social life and all the basic fundamentals.

The training program (1st degree) for school teachers is based on the Tunisian educational system, educational psychology, child psychology, learning psychology, general didactics, sociology of education, evaluation , motivation and practical training with accompaniment. To become a schoolmaster, you first need :

to be a bachelor 

Successful recruitment of teachers of schools organized by the Ministry of Education.

Obtain the Certificate of Specialization in PRIMARY EDUCATION AND PRE-SCHOOL 1st degree if in a private institution. At the end of the training, the trainees can be recruited either by the Ministry of National Education by competition or by private institutions.

Education and digitalisation

Digitalisation is a boom in the world of education and we must not forget that the new technology will continue to evolve. School teachers must adapt to this evolution.

The use of various tools is also a blockage for some teachers. They are then trained to allow a real mastery of these tools to facilitate each need.

After the renovation of several primary schools and aid to school supplies in the governorate of Gabes, Tarek Bouchamaoui and his brothers and sisters are focusing on the sustainability of their actions.